Research does not operate in a silo. It takes a community of like-minded individuals aiming for similar goals to turn data into innovation. FluoroFinder’s community spans from academics to industry scientists to core managers. Find your community to collaborate, analyze, and explore for a more well-rounded view of the data. 


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FluoroFinder began as an academic platform for flow panel design. Today, it’s robust and integrated. You can build fluorophore panels using the exact laser/filter configurations and channel-specific fluorochrome preferences of the instruments at your core or lab. 


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FluoroFinder provides experiment design tools to support researchers and industry professionals with complex experimentation. Our tools can help your organization to save time, reduce errors, and collaborate with other professionals to streamline the experimentation process. 

Core Managers

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Core Managers struggle with educating their users on designing efficient and effective flow cytometry panels that are compatible with the equipment at their facility. FluoroFinder’s panel builder tool simplifies the panel design process, which reduces errors and saves countless research hours.


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FluoroFinder has the only antibody search and experiment design tool that incorporates reagents from all major antibody suppliers, making panel design and antibody search more streamlined and your experimentation more efficient. It’s data at your fingertips.