The FluoroFinder Story

Our vision is to provide online tools to every scientist to help locate and identify the optimal reagents for their experiment.

This vision originated from the challenge of designing 10-color flow cytometry experiments using conjugated, primary and secondary antibodies from multiple different suppliers. Seeing talented researchers struggle for hours to design successful experiments by hand, it became obvious that improvements were needed.

Prior to its full release, FluoroFinder spent considerable time gathering valuable feedback from the fluorescent research community. This validated our belief that the ability to automate and simplify experiment design would solve a universal pain point at flow cytometry & other core facilities.

FluoroFinder launched commercially in 2014 as a technology release from the University of Colorado’s Technology Transfer Office. Our team, comprised of experienced leaders in life sciences, online platforms, customer experience and corporate development, is backed by a group of investors and foundations that share the FluoroFinder vision.

Since its release, our platform has proven to bring greater efficiencies and significant cost savings to critical research by accelerating panel design and reagent discovery.

Ron Lowy

Chairman of the Board

Mr. Lowy has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of New Hampshire and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin. He is the Chairman & CEO of PharmaJet and the Chairman of the RAL Group, LLC, a venture and technology management group and has more than 30 years of experience managing and growing technology based global businesses.

Mr. Lowy serves on the Boards and as an advisor to several Medical Device, education and information technology companies. He serves on the Board of Directors of BookTrust, a non-profit focused on inspiring kid’s passion for reading and served as the interim CEO of Helicos in 2009/10. Previous to that Mr. Lowy served as the President and CEO of Fisher Biosciences and was President of Global Connectivity Solutions for ADC Telecommunications. He also served as President and Chief Operating Officer at the KRONE Group. Mr. Lowy spent the first 15 years of his career in operations, technology and general management positions at GE Medical Systems.

William S. Marshall

Member of the Board

Co-Founder, member of the Board of Directors, miRagen Therapeutics
President and Chief Executive Officer, miRagen Therapeutics

William S. Marshall, Ph.D., is miRagen’s President, Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder and Director. Prior to establishing miRagen, Dr. Marshall was Vice President of Technology and Business Development for Bioscience at Thermo Fisher Scientific. In this role, he was responsible for leading technology assessment and strategic planning for the Thermo Fisher Biosciences Division, a unit with revenues of approximately $1 billion that manufactures and supplies a wide range of products and services across the general-chemistry and life-sciences arenas.

Dr. Marshall was one of the scientific founders of Dharmacon, Inc., which was acquired by Fisher Scientific International, serving as the Executive Vice President for Research and Operations and General Manager. Prior to joining Dharmacon, Dr. Marshall served in many capacities at Amgen, Inc., most recently as Associate Director of Research, Site Head for Research and Head of the Nucleic Acid and Peptide Technology Department. In these positions, he participated in a wide variety of therapeutic development approaches throughout the drug discovery process leading to the development of clinical candidates.

Dr. Marshall earned his B.S. in Biochemistry from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and his Ph.D. in Chemistry in the laboratory of Professor Marvin Caruthers at the University of Colorado at Boulder. He is author and co-author of over 50 research papers and 80 patents. Dr. Marshall currently serves on the Boards of BiOptix, Inc., and the Colorado BioScience Association.

Jim Franklin

Member of the Board

Jim Franklin was the CEO of SendGrid, Inc., an email infrastructure applications company. Prior to his tenure with SendGrid, Jim was the Vice President of Enterprise Performance Management and the General Manager of the Crystal Ball Global Business Unit of Oracle Corporation. The Crystal Ball Global Business Unit was formed in 2007 as a part of the acquisition of Hyperion Solutions. At Hyperion, Jim served as VP and General Manager.

Jim had held the roles of Decisioneering’s CEO, CFO, GC and VP of Sales prior to Decisioneering’s acquisition by Hyperion. Decisioneering was the maker of the Crystal Ball brand of software. Mr. Franklin was also the founder of and the CFO of Vericept Corporation.

Jim serves on several boards such as aWhere, Inc., Cloud Elements, Embarke-Email CoPilot, Parkifi, SlamData, and TapInfluence. Jim is also a mentor for Techstars, a Director of the Founder Institute and on the board of the ACLU – Colorado.

Jim has passed the CPA exam, is licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania and Colorado and holds a JD/MBA and BBA-Accounting all from the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Roland Marcus

Founder, Member of the Board

The vision for FluoroFinder® came from Roland Marcus when he was working with a group of scientists building and designing 10-color flow cytometry experiments using intracellular markers and multiple secondary conjugates. After watching other talented people painfully learn to utilize the power of flow cytometry, it became obvious that something needed to be done.

Through these experiences, one simple question led to the development of FluoroFinder: If we can control DNA, proteins and cellular processes, why can’t we streamline panel design? Roland spent time in the years that followed talking with Core Managers at various research institutions. He validated that the ability to automate and simplify panel building would solve a universal pain point at flow cytometry core facilities and vendors. This would bring greater efficiencies and significant cost savings to critical research by accelerating panel design and reducing errors that ultimately accelerates research timelines.

Bill Townend

Chair of Science Advisory Board

Bill Townend has been working with flow cytometry and fluorescent microscopy since 1979. His experience from working with the first commercially available flow cytometer through some of the most advanced Cytometers, has allowed him to successfully lead a core facility in world renowned research setting, National Jewish Health. While working with top immunologists, his research has incorporated many of the most advanced techniques in multiple disease models and clinical applications.

Bill is joined on the Science Advisory Board by several Flow Cytometry thought leaders from leading research institutions.