How will FluoroFinder Accelerate Your Research?

4 Reasons to Use FluoroFinder

1Time and Cost Savings

  • Ability to build a 4 or 18 color panel in minutes instead of hours or days
  • Access the Flow Cytometers YOU use
  • Quickly find available products that fit in your machine AND work together
  • Flexible for beginners through expert users
  • Designed for the experiment life-cycle

2Reduce Errors

  • Mistakes cost a scientist thousands of dollars
  • Avoid setbacks of weeks or even months
  • Save time wasted re-running experiments
  • Reduce the overall cost of the experiment
  • Minimize loss of precious samples

3Complete Panel Building Support Service

  • Access to application specialists for all your design questions
  • Updates on availability of new colors and advancements in Flow Cytometry
  • Secure and safe storage of digital records of your experiments


  • One stop for product selection giving visibility to data sheets, pricing and availability with ordering information
  • Multiple resources in one place – 200+ fluors, relative brightness for each, and access to spectra viewers
  • Digital worksheet enables centralized view of panel with channels, filters, available colors, and products
  • See new fluors and where they run on YOUR cytometers
  • Find new products from multiple companies and match them to your cytometer and panel
  • Enabling secure collaboration with email, print, review and save functionality

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