Flow Cytometry Training Resources


FluoroFinder brings the information you need to make good fluorochrome and product decisions into one integrated platform.  To learn how FluoroFinder can help streamline your panel design watch our tutorial.

But what do you do when you need basic training on flow cytometry principles or specific advice on panel design decisions? There are some excellent training courses and flow cytometry consultants which offer world-class training and knowledge for anyone preforming Flow Cytometry in industry or academia. Discover the right course or consultant for you.

Panel Design Resources


FluoroFinder simplifies complex experiment design providing researchers with comprehensive antibody search tools combined with interactive instrument configurations and spectra viewers to design better experiments while saving time and reducing errors


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Flow Cytometry Training Courses

Expert Cytometry

ExCyte is the world’s leading flow cytometry training company. Whether you are a core manger looking to keep your users on the cutting edge, or a business professional looking to enter into this rapidly growing market, ExCyte can help. We have the information and experience you need.

ExCyte books beginner and advanced flow cytometry courses around the world.


Work-Flow delivers expert advice for flow cytometry experimentation and instrumentation. The services include e-learning courses created to address an unmet need in the industry for a more streamlined approach to understanding the basic principles of flow cytometry.

Babraham Institute

These flow cytometry courses are interactive, lecture and exercise based courses given by experts in the field who can share their in-depth knowledge of an evolving technology.   These courses are ideal for those using Flow Cytometry in Industry and Academia.  Over 500 people have already been training on these very popular flow cytometry courses.

Bowdoin College

The annual cytometry course will provide you with state-of-the-art information on important cutting-edge topics in cytometry. Nationally recognized instructors organize hands-on laboratories and present related lectures. If you’re interested in learning about cytometry or just seeing what’s new, come on and experience an intense week of hard work and good times in the great state of Maine.

Flow Cytometry Consulting


CytoWiz flow cytometry experts have extensive experience and well established track records in a broad range of flow cytometry, immunological assays, and complex flow cytometry analyses. We specialize in cutting edge immunology research, and stay current with emerging technologies and methodologies

ZellNet Consulting

ZellNet will assist you in developing appropriate flow cytometry panels for your specific scientific needs, from marker selection all the way through panel validation, providing guidance during rigorous panel testing prior to their implementation. To assure optimal performance of your assays, we will identify appropriate validation procedures and controls.