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FluoroFinder offers unique opportunities to position your products in front of researchers when it matters most: during their experiment design process. Our FluoroFinder partnerships include highly specific reports and targeted advertising opportunities to give your company insight into the fluorescent reagents market for multiple bio-assay applications.


FluoroFinder has robust use by a global audience. Our researchers are making purchase decisions while they design their experiments, which presents opportunities for brands. 

Engaged Annual Global Users

Core Facility Staff Utilizing FluoroFinder

Antibody and Fluorochrome Selections

We have an active community that’s trusted by leading academic and pharma worldwide:

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Product Listing

With FluoroFinder’s product listings, you can display your products during key selection decision points. 

Spectra Viewer

Flow Cytometry and Microscopy Listing 

  • Engaged community designing, optimizing, and sharing panels on FluoroFinder
  • Compatible reagents for researchers’ instruments
  • Integrated Spectra Viewer and guides
  • Save/share experiment designs for easy ordering and collaboration
  • New: enhanced product profiles

Antibody Search and Compare

  • Search antibodies for any application
  • Pair any unconjugated antibodies with conjugation kits, services, or secondary antibodies
  • View and compare fluorochrome spectra for multiplexing
  • Save and share lists for easy ordering
Dye Database

Dye Listing Package

Promote your dyes on our website with:

  • Dye Directory listing
  • Detailed profile with referral links 
    instrument listing, FluoroFinder partnerships

    Instrument Listing Package

    Feature your instruments on our website that includes: 

    • Instrument listing 
    • Featured positioning 
    analysis software, FluoroFinder partnerships

    Software Listing Package

    Promote your analysis software on our website with: 

    • Dye Directory listing 
    • Detailed profile with referral links

    Digital Advertising

    Engage our extensive community of researchers with in-app ads, targeted newsletters, or featured webinars. 

    Banner Display Ads

    Get a high ROI with highly contextual ad exposure throughout the FluoroFinder app. Plus: 

    • Deliver your message during the reagent selection process
    • Optional exclusive ads by institution/core facility
    • New: Ad availability within Spectra Viewer and on core facility landing pages


    With our engaged community of over 30,000 researchers, you can deliver your message to the right audience. Plus: 

    • Targeted segmentation available
    • Define ROI via performance reporting
    • Packages to fit your budget
    • New: Multi-touch email programs

    eNewsletter Ads

    With your ad integrated into our monthly newsletter, you can have routine exposure to our community of 30,000+ researchers. Plus: 

    • Bundle options for routine exposure
    • Define ROI via performance reporting
    • New: Featured dye and instrument sections



    You can host your webinar through our platform so that it’s promoted directly to our community. With: 

    • Pre-recorded or live options
    • Customizable lead capture
    • New: Webinar archive on provides lasting exposure

    Reports & Business Intelligence

    Access real-time insight into the flow cytometry and fluorescent antibody market with our monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual reports customized to your needs.  


    • Gain intelligence on brand performance and market share trends
    • Pin-point marketing efforts down to account level performance
    • Identify products and categories to maximize Marcom efforts

    Project Managers

    • Analyze product/category performance and trends
    • Determine product line gaps in the context of market demand
    • Adjust pricing in context with market demand

    Mergers, Acquisitions, & Licensing

    • Pinpoint opportunities for partnerships
    • Evaluate offering compatibility
    • Evaluate market demand


    Sales Managers & Directors

    • Gauge account and user behavior and performance trends
    • Adjust incentives to match account and regions opportunities

    Sales Reps, Customer Facing

    • Identify sales opportunities ahead of the purchase
    • Provide alternative products to researchers utilizing FluoroFinder trusted algorithms

    Finance & Business Analysts

    • Gauge market demand, trends, and company performance
    • Analyze value of missed opportunities
    • Gain market intelligence based on real data vs. surveys

    Multisupplier Antibody Database Intelligence

    Antibody and Fluorochrome Selections

    Instrument Configurations

    Custom Development

    With FluoroFinder partner website widgets, you can leverage our technology within your website.

    spectra viewer, FluoroFinder partnerships

    Spectra Viewer Widget

    • Interactive spectra and instrument configurations
    • Ideal for flow cytometry, fluorescent microscopy, and more
    • Limit fluorochromes to your selected products
    • Normalization by light source
    • Highly customizable solutions—email, print, export, save, and share features optional
    spectra viewer, FluoroFinder partnerships

    Product Spectra Widget

    • Enhance your product page appearance
    • Allow your customers to interact with your product for multi-color experiment design
    • Supports single-color and multi-color reagents/kits (auto-loads spectral data)
    Flow Cytometry Panel design: Select antibody

    Flow Cytometry Panel Building Widget

    • Thousands of instrument-specific configurations at core facilities and labs
    • Dynamic spectra viewer
    • Cart integrations (optional)
    • Routine fluorophore updates
    • Highly customizable solutions—email, print, export, save, and share features optional
    Spectra Viewer

    Microscopy Panel Builder Widgets


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