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FluoroFinder FAQs

We created FluoroFinder as a valuable resource to streamline the experiment design process for flow cytometry and other biological applications that use fluorescent labels.

Who can benefit from using FluoroFinder?

Anyone who wants to improve and accelerate their experiment design process can benefit by using FluoroFinder to select fluorochromes, avoid spillover and find antibody products optimal for their specific instrument configurations.

How much does FluoroFinder cost?

FluoroFinder offers multiple subscription options to meet your organizational needs. Academic and non-profit researchers are eligible to access FluoroFinder Basic free of charge. View our pricing page to see upgrade options and subscription prices for
corporate researchers.

How do I prove my academic or non-profit affiliation?

To qualify for the Academic Basic or Academic Plus plans you will need to register on FluoroFinder using an email address from the qualifying organization or email us documentation of your current relationship with the academic or non-profit organization. Researchers employed by a for-profit company are not eligible for academic subscription plans.

What are my payment options?

Academic Plus subscribers have the option to pay monthly or annually by credit card. Annual invoicing is available for Industry Plus subscribers.

Does FluoroFinder design panels for me?

While we cannot design your panels for you, we do provide you with the information necessary to make smart decisions, avoid errors, and save time

Why do I need to register my own account if my Core/Lab is already set up?

Your Core Manager sets up the facility instruments for anyone at your facility to access. Creating your own account will allow you to save personal panels in a secure environment, use sharing functionality (email, print, export), and create collaborative groups with other researchers.

How can I use FluoroFinder if my organization is not set up?

You can use the list of generic cytometer configurations that is provided. Be aware that these instruments may not match exactly with what you have physically available in your lab and that any discrepancies will affect your experiment design and results.

How can I get my organization set up on FluoroFinder?

Simply email your information to us and we will take care of the rest. We will need your Institution and facility name (as you want them to appear on FluoroFinder) along with the name and email address of the core manager, lab PI or other responsible party. For each instrument, please include the name of the instrument and a full list of lasers and filters in the configuration. For spectral instruments, we only need the brand name and model number.

Do I have to download anything?

No download necessary! FluoroFinder is a cloud-based platform.

How secure is your platform?

FluoroFinder takes your data seriously. Everything you do in FluoroFinder is secured within your own personal account. Read more about our Privacy Policy here

How many antibody suppliers are on FluoroFinder?

More than 3 million antibodies from over 60 suppliers are available in the FluoroFinder database so you can always be sure to find exactly what you need.

How can I learn more about FluoroFinder?

We love to show off our most recent features and improvements, so we regularly do live webinars for colleges, medical centers, and businesses. Schedule a live webinar tutorial by contacting us at Pre-recorded tutorials and academic webinars can also be found here.