On-Demand Webinars  

This collection of webinars speaks to experimental design across industries that utilize tools that FluoroFinder offers on our platform. We regularly update these webinars as an invaluable resource for our community of users. 

Software Workflows and Tools that Enable High Parameter Flow Cytometry using the ID7000™ Spectral Cell Analyzer

Tue, Jan 25, 2022 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM PST

In this webinar from Sony, we will review the workflows to highlight the ease of operating the ID7000™ spectral cell analyzer to obtain high-parameter, high-quality data. We will step through the key software workflows, including newly added features, from instrument startup, to data acquisition and analysis, to automated shutdown. 

Single-Cell Biology of Barrier Tissues and COVID-19

Single-Cell Biology of Barrier Tissues and COVID-19

Speaker: Dr. José Ordovas-Montañes, Ph.D. Principal Investigator at Boston Children’s Hospital and HMS; Associate Member at Broad Institute; Principal Faculty at HSCI In this talk, Dr. Ordovas-Montañes will discuss recent studies utilizing single-cell genomics to...

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