Flow Core Plus

 Academic Sitewide Subscription 

Boost your productivity by providing all your core facility users access to all the premium features of the Academic Plus subscription. FluoroFinder’s panel design streamlines multicolor panel development by combining pre-loaded instrument configurations with an extensive reagent database and integrated collaborative tools to save time and reduce costly errors.


Sitewide Subscription
Starting from $1000/year

Why USE FluoroFinder at Your Core Facility?


Complete Services for Core Managers

Core management setup is easy on our platform. FluoroFinder works with you to get your cytometers and configurations implemented, provide data efficiencies for your core, and communicate easily with your institution and scientists. 


Reduce Errors

Errors and setbacks can cost scientists thousands of dollars. Careful experiment design can reduce the loss of precious samples, experiment costs, and the time needed to re-run experiments.


Save Time and Money

With FluoroFinder, you can demonstrate to your institution how this technology drives efficiencies, thereby saving money and time. 

Core Management Resources

We believe that science is best performed as a collaborative effort. The following resources are meant to support core managers in the vital role they play within institutions and labs. 

Training Videos

Our core management training videos help your researchers master the various features of FluoroFinder.

Live Tutorials

We offer 15 minute webinars on how to use FluoroFinder or you can schedule a custom training for your whole core user base.


Print flyers, posters and other notices to post around the lab to remind your researchers to use FluoroFinder.


Optimized Multicolor Immunofluorescence Panels are peer-reviewed panels that may serve as good starting ideas

Create a Group

Create a group to upload example panels, review new designs and provide experiment core management from design to completion.

Edit Configs

Contact us to add a new machine or change the configurations of a current one in FluoroFinder.

Academic Plus Features

Our Flow Core Plus package provides Academic Plus access and unlocks premium features for every researcher that uses your core facility. Premium features include Selection History, Attachments, Lab Specific Inventory Notifications, Antigen Density Automation, Enhanced List and Sort Filters, and more.  Plus, you can schedule up to two live webinar tutorials to raise awareness and train your flow core users on how to get the most benefit from their FluoroFinder access.


  • 1000+ fluorochromes,
  • Lab collaboration features
  • Instrument configurations
  • Selection history
  • Access to remote training
  • Enhanced list and sort filters
  • Priority support
Reena Chinnaraj

“FluoroFinder is much appreciated by us and our users particularly for simplifying complex experimental designs. The combination of panel design, spectra viewer, analysis software, and dye database makes it the one-stop destination for all that our users need to start their flow experience.”

Featured Core Manager—Reena Chinnaraj

Reena Chinnaraj is the Technical Operations Manager at the KU Leuven Flow and Mass Cytometry core facility. In this function, she is responsible for the training programs and technical excellence of the largest and highest-end flow cytometry core in Belgium. Trained as an engineer, technology has always been her passion and continues to intrigue her but she also appreciates that her facilities’ users need to be able to confidently use the instruments for their biomedical research purpose. Therefore, highest quality teaching and training are very close to her heart, and she recommends the FluoroFinder trainings to her core facility users and beyond. Experimental design and control, and panel design are key when using high-parameter conventional, spectral, or mass cytometric instruments, and FluoroFinder design tools are of essential help for the users of the KU Leuven flow cytometry core