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Flow Cytometry Panel Design

By integrating experiment design tools featuring preloaded instrument configurations with a comprehensive antibody database, FluoroFinder’s panel builder speeds up flow cytometry experiment design and helps avoid costly and time-consuming mistakes.

Flow Cytometry Panel Design 

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Panel design is a critical element of any successful flow cytometry experiment. The process can be painstakingly slow and error-prone, as the sample complexity, its biology, and the expression profile of the target antigens must be taken into consideration. FluoroFinder panel builder simplifies the process and provides a quick and easy way to select the best fluorophore combinations. It features 

  • Fluorophore selection limited to dyes compatible with pre-loaded instrument configurations
  • An interactive spectra viewer to visualize the spectral profiles of fluorophores alongside instrument laser and filter configurations
  • Adjustable antigen density
  • Spectral panel design capability with integrated cytometer configurations, full-spectral fluorophore signatures and associated similarity matrix 
  • An integrated antibody database listing products from all major suppliers
  • Save, export, and share experiments
  • Compare pricing across multiple distributors, and request a quote
  • Keep track of products selected in previous experiments with the newly added selection history functionality
  • Inventory


Simplified Panel Design

Find the best products for your cytometer in the least amount of time. Simplifying the complexity of managing the life-cycle of building and iterating multicolor flow cytometry panels.

Excellent User Interface

Flexible options for beginner through expert users. Real time feedback and support. Return to and modify saved panels anytime. Print, email and share panels from any computer.

Side-by-Side Reagent Comparison

Compare a wide variety of fluorochromes using the Spectra Viewer. New products and colors are added daily to provide the most up to date antibody collection.