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“I have to say, this is fantastic. I’ve found a bunch of alternate antibodies for problem channels that I had no idea existed. I could literally have saved weeks of accumulated time trying to chase down antibodies over the past year.”

Chris Plescia
Senior Scientist

“I love this tool, how it automatically blocks interfering/redundant conjugates, exports panel to excel with catalog numbers, etc. Such a time saver, easy to stay organized.”

Steven Jarantow
Research Specialist
Janssen BioTherapeutics (JBIO)






Bristol Meyers Squibb



Time and Cost Savings


Quickly find products that are optimal for your instrument configuration and will work together based on FluoroFinder’s proprietary spillover algorithms, integrated spectra viewers and channel blocking guides

Reduce Experiment Design Errors


Intuitive design features including spillover and fluorophore instrument compatibility guides aid users of all levels to make better decisions and avoid costly errors.

Collaborate & Optimize


Easily manage your saved experiments in one place. Print, export or email your work to your colleagues or create a lab group, enabling team environments to be more productive.

Have additional questions?

How many antibody suppliers are on FluoroFinder?

More than 1.2 million antibodies from over 60 suppliers are available in the FluoroFinder database so you can always be sure to find exactly what you need.

How much does FluoroFinder cost?

FluoroFinder offers single user or site-wide licenses depending on your organizational needs.  View our plans options and pricing or contact for a quote or demo to explore customized solutions for your lab.

Who can benefit from using FluoroFinder?

Anyone who wants to improve and accelerate their experiment design process can benefit by using FluoroFinder’s features to select fluorochromes and specific antibody products optimal for their instrument configurations.

How secure is FluoroFinder?

FluoroFinder takes your data seriously.  Everything you do in FluoroFinder is secured within your own personal account. Privacy Policy

How can I use FluoroFinder if my organization is not set up?

Get started by signing up! We will contact you as soon as possible to figure out the best solution for you and your organization.