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FluoroFinder Spectra Viewer is an interactive platform that facilitates fluorescence experiment design. View and compare the spectral properties of more than 1,000 dyes from all suppliers alongside instrument-specific laser and filter configurations.

Spectra Viewer and Experiment Design

A fluorophore with good separation between the excitation and emission maxima results in more reliable detection than a fluorophore with little separation
The continuous development of dyes with improved spectral profiles combined with breakthroughs in light sources, detection methods, and interference filters have paved the way to the adoption of multiplex analysis beyond the realm of flow cytometry. Acquiring large amounts of relevant biological information for each sample has become paramount also in microscopy and imaging experiments.  One of the most challenging aspects of multiplex fluorescence analysis is the selection of a combination of fluorochromes with different emission spectra. Spectral overlapping can, in fact, undermine the accuracy and validity of the experiment. FluoroFinder’s Spectra Viewer helps to identify where a new fluorochrome will be measured on an instrument, whether a fluorochrome may cause issues with other fluorochromes, and what filters are best for detection. It streamlines experiment design and helps to understand which fluorochromes might cause problems, saving troubleshooting time.  


FluoroFinder’s Spectra Viewer

    • Enables the simultaneous visualization of the emission spectrum and the excitation and emission peaks of each fluorophore.
    • Pre-loaded light sources and laser sets for microscopy and flow cytometry applications.
    • Laser and filter settings can be manually added to facilitate the selection of fluorophores compatible with the instrument.
    • Generates a final report listing selected products, all the spectral profiles of fluorophores of interest, together with lasers and filters.
    • Integration with FluoroFinder’s comprehensive product database provides access to a collection of over 3 million products from all suppliers.
    • Download and share fluorochrome spectrum alongside laser and filter configurations
    • Generate, export, and share the final report.