You may have read about a growing “reproducibility crisis”, where scientists are increasingly unable to replicate the results of their colleagues’ scientific experiments. To combat this trend, research teams are emphasizing collaboration throughout the experiment cycle; from design to data analysis. Additionally, researchers are paying more attention to the data that is used to validate new reagents or procedures. FluoroFinder recognizes the importance of collaboration for good experimental design, and we are helping to fight the reproducibility crisis by maximizing the available information for each antibody in our database.

FluoroFinder Groups (Team) Collaboration

Collaboration is the key to good, reproducible science. FluoroFinder helps flow core managers and PI’s ensure that their researchers collaborate by sharing validation data and product reviews in the Groups (Team) Collaboration tool. Creating a FluoroFinder group allows researchers to share panels, suggest alternative products, and add comments, notes or reviews with ease. Recommendation: Ask your PI or core facility manager if they have created a team on FluoroFinder.

Digital Experiment Records

Access any previous experiment under the “My Panels” tab and record lot numbers, titration data, buffer details and other important notes to help make your experiment easier to replicate. Recommendation: Always save your panels! Keep a digital record of your experiments that your lab team can access even after you have left the lab.

Antibody Validation Data from CiteAb

We have seen tremendous growth in the number of commercially available marker and dye combinations designed for flow cytometry.  As new products come online, increased competition has placed a premium on validation data, published citations and product reviews to help researchers make informed reagent selections. We understand the importance of providing readily available information beyond an antibody’s price and basic details. Therefore, FluoroFinder has teamed with CiteAb to provide critical validation data during the product selection step of our experimental design tool. Researchers using FluoroFinder’s revolutionary experimental design tools can easily compare publication histories for each product via the CiteAb link. Including this validation data in our automated panel builder workflow empowers researchers to design better panels with minimal time and effort. Recommendation: FluoroFinder often introduces users to new reagents and fluorophores that they may not have seen before. Be sure to check validation data, product reviews and citation histories for any new reagents you are considering using in your panel.


Publication Spotlight

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Webinar Spotlightlogo

Antibody Validation Forum: Addressing the antibody reproducibility crisis A panel discussion with key scientific leaders regarding a set of proposed standards to optimize antibody validation methods with a specific emphasis on antibody specificity verification.