Could a new product improve your experiment? Has that new antibody been vetted by reliable testing? Researchers have seen tremendous growth in the number of commercially available marker and dye combinations designed for flow cytometry. As new products come online, this increased competition has placed a premium on validating data, published citations and product reviews to help researchers make informed reagent selections. Our goal at FluoroFinder is to provide an experimental design platform that empowers researchers to build high-quality flow panels, quickly and easily, with the best available reagents. We understand the importance of providing readily available information beyond an antibody’s price and basic details. Therefore, we have teamed up with CiteAb to provide critical validation data during the product selection step of our experiment design tool. With FluoroFinder, researchers can build multi-color antibody panels in three simple steps.

1. Customize the tool to your facility’s cytometer

2. Select markers based on target, host, isotype, clone and antigen density

3. Dynamically assign reagents based on the criteria from steps 1 and 2. Now, researchers can easily compare publication histories for each product in step #3 via the CiteAb link. Providing validation data during the experiment design workflow empowers researchers to design better panels with minimal time and effort.

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