FluoroFinder has integrated cytometer configurations for over 500 cores! (You can check for yours here). With so many researchers now using FluoroFinder to design their flow cytometry experiments, we wanted to share some of the excellent feedback we have received. Check out these 6 ways that some top labs/cores have adapted their panel design methods, and then share your experience using FluoroFinder by taking our 2017 User Experience Survey.


Send to Core for Review

Core managers use FluoroFinder’s “send to core for review” feature to better understand/double-check researchers’ work.

  • “The one time I did not use FluoroFinder to verify someone’s question I missed a mistake!” Victoria Smith – Flow Core Manager, University of Nebraska Medical Center
  • “FluoroFinder has been a great way to boost our consultations and learn more about our investigators’ research.” Brandon Saxton – Flow Core Manager, Baylor College of Medicine


Saving Panels

Researchers are using FluoroFinder’s “Save Panel” feature to keep a digital record of each experiment. PI’s especially appreciate the ease of keeping these records even after researchers leave their lab.

  • “We love FluoroFinder! I was introduced to it by my PI, who has used it for some time. I don’t change my panels too often, but when I do I save them under my account. It’s a great way to keep track of which panels I like and which ones I need to tweak.” Anonymous – Research Technician, University of Virginia
  • “FluoroFinder helps me keep track of my flow panels and makes purchasing antibodies for panels faster and easier.” Scott Fites – Postdoc, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Multi-Vendor Spectra Viewer

Researchers are using the FluoroFinder’s unique multi-vendor spectra viewer to find new/cheaper fluorophores or reagents that they may not have otherwise considered.

multicolor spectra2

  • “I have to say, this is fantastic. I’ve been playing with it for 5 minutes and already found a bunch of alternate antibodies for problem channels that I had no idea existed. I could literally have saved weeks of accumulated time trying to chase down antibodies over the past year.” Chris Plescia – Senior Scientist, Epizyme
  • “FluoroFinder has become part of my routine. It is user-friendly and instead of having to look for available commercial reagents, it provides them all! Even better, the panel can be personalized to be used for the machines of my institution. I would recommend it to everyone that uses flow cytometry.” Maria V. Guijarro – Postdoc Associate, University of Florida
  • “FluoroFinder makes building flow cytometry panels ridiculously simple. They provide you with available antibodies that match your desired markers, allow you to pick colors that fit with your available lasers and save your panels for future reference. I use FluoroFinder every time I build a new panel.” Michelle Larson – Research Specialist, Loyola University
  • “I appreciate the ease of selecting products from FluoroFinder’s comprehensive inventory of commercially available antibodies.” Anh T. Nguyen – Research Scientist, University of Virginia

FluoroFinder as an Education Tool

Core managers use FluoroFinder as an education tool for students and new flow cytometry researchers.

  • “I am effectively the facility manager for multiple sites and I also run quite a few theory training courses each year. As part of these courses I teach panel design, and yours is by far the best and easiest way to do that, so I tell all of my trainees about it!” Dr. Graham Bottley – Trainer/Facility Manager, InCytometry
  • “The service really helps me help our customers without taking a lot of time. I can send them to the website and they can build their own panels with quick success. I also send our customers who just want to find out if there is a manufacturer of conjugated antibody for their particular target.” Christine Childs – Senior Professional Research Assistant, University of Colorado, Cancer Center Flow Cytometry Shared Resource


Forming a Group with your Team

Researchers are using the group feature to enhance their team’s collaboration throughout the entire experiment design process.

  • “The team/group feature is great and really useful for our lab. Usually, I’m the only one using FlouroFinder to sort out the fluorophores for my experiments, but now I can actually discuss it with my supervisor and we both can make the changes.” Anonymous – Postdoctoral Fellow, Medical College of Wisconsin

Gold Standard of Panel Design

Core managers and researchers have come to consider FluoroFinder as the Gold Standard for multicolor fluorescent panel design, and recommend it for every flow cytometry experiment.

  • “Thank you for providing an absolutely stellar service! In my book, FluoroFinder is the undisputed champion of online panel design and my most treasured tool for locating the antibodies that are actually available. Your attention to “simple”, yet very useful details of the user interface (such as the pop-up spectra and on-the-fly spillover estimates) is appreciated.” Mikkel Steen Petersen, PhD MSc – Clinical Flow Cytometrist, Aarhus University Hospital
  • “FluoroFinder is clearly becoming the gold-standard tool for flow cytometry panel design.” Howie Seay – Flow Core Manager, University of Florida

Now that you have seen how other labs are using FluoroFinder to improve their experiment design, let us know how it is helping you. Take our quick 7 question survey to help us keep improving the tool! Take the 2017 User Experience Survey