Market Reports

Access real-time insight in the Flow Cytometry and Fluorescent Antibody market by utilizing an expansive collection of data driven off of our active research and experiment design platform. Keep your finger on the pulse of the market with a FluoroFinder report subscription and receive reports monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually. Choose from the reports below or inquire for more details custom report services or subscription options.

Recent Reports

most popular 50 fluorophores

Top 50 Fluorochrome Selections

Report leverages all fluorochorome selections from conjugated antibodies, conjugation kits, and conjugation services to provide an overview of which dyes are most popular as well as trends on up-and-coming fluorochromes.

Instrument and configuration analysis

Instrument and Configuration Analysis

Obtain a current view of the global flow cytometry instrument configurations in the market along with the activity of each configuration.  Report includes instrument vendor, instrument name, lasers, filters, configurations by corporate vs. academic.

most utilized cytometers

Most Utilized Cytometers

Gain insight into the most frequently utilized Cytometers in the industry and to what extent they are being utilized.  Report includes instrument name, percent of total panels designed on the instrument, and the ratio of panel fluorophore count vs. instrument capabilities.

fluorophore count by number of lasers

Flow Cytometry Panel Fluorophore Count by Number of Lasers

As instruments become capable of running larger and larger multiplex experiments, see how researchers are utilizing the new capabilities with this report which outlines the number of fluorophores with the number of lasers of the instrument.

PE Tandem Dye Analysis

Report leverages our comprehensive dataset of experiments designed with PE Tandem Dyes.  Data includes dye name, percent of panels using a tandem dye, and percent placed on blue, green/yellow lasers.

competitors market analysis

Competitor Market Share Analysis – Cytometers (Top 20 Companies)

Which companies have the most active cytometers configured in the field coupled with how often researchers are designing experiments for them.  Provides a unique perspective on the market that you will not find in other generalized survey-based market reports.

product gap analysis

Product Gap Analysis

Compare your product line to the available products in the market. Identify product line gaps and analyze if those gaps have high demand and/or competition. Typically leveraged by product managers and M&A/Licensing teams.
most selected fluorophores

Top 100 Markers Selected for Flow Cytometry

Reveals the most popular markers selected in Flow Cytometry experiments.  Report includes Marker Name, Target Species, Count of Available Products, Count of Companies offering the product, and count of available directly conjugation options for the marker.

Marketing Teams

  • Gain intelligence on brand performance and trends
  • Pin-point marketing efforts down to account level performance
  • Identify products and categories to focus Marcom efforts where it will be most impactful

Product Managers

  • Analyze product/category performance and trends
  • Identify product opportunities and repositioning possibilities
  • Determine product line gaps in context of market demand
  • Adjust Pricing in context with market demand

M&A or Licensing

  • Pinpoint opportunities for partnerships
  • Evaluate offering compatibility
  • Evaluate market demand

Sales Managers

  • Gauge account and user behavior and performance trends
  • Adjust incentives to match account and regions opportunities.

Sales Reps

  • Identify sales opportunities ahead of the purchase
  • Provide alternative products to researchers utilizing FluoroFinder trusted algorithms.

Finance & Analysts

  • Gauge Market Demand, Trends, and Company Performance
  • Analyze value of missed opportunities
  • Gain market intelligence based on real data vs. surveys.

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