Flow Core Plus

Academic Sitewide Subscription

We’ve designed Flow Core Plus to provide core managers and staff with additional tools and resources to unlock the full potential of FluoroFinder at your core facility. Our sitewide Flow Core Plus package also provides each of your facility’s users access to our premium features that are not accessible with the free version of our experiment design technology. 


Sitewide Subscription

PREMIUM Core Management Features

We understand that core managers have a demanding job. The following features of our Flow Core Plus Plan are designed to support core managers in the vital role they play within institutions and labs. 


Customize configurations

Directly add and update your facility’s instrument configurations within our platform to ensure your researchers have access to the latest configurations and settings. 

Collaborate with your researchers

Respond to comments and questions posted by your researchers. Share, revise, and optimize panels all within our platform’s discussion board.

Consult on Panels

Review and leave feedback on your researchers’ panels with our premium Core Review button that sends users’ panels directly to your inbox.

Access to Template Panels

Upload core facility template panels so your researchers can easily access them within FluoroFinder.  

OMIP Integration

Integrate OMIP validated panels into your core facility instruments and configurations. 

Upload Product Recommendations

Add your preferred fluorophores to your facility’s account, so researchers can filter products by your recommendations while designing their panels. 

CUSTomized panel builder workshops

Includes semi-annual live tutorial sessions for your entire user group.  Plus, access our core manager and user resource library: the latest webinars and lectures on flow cytometry panel design and recordings of past training sessions customized for your flow facility.

Custom FluoroFinder Portal

Receive a customized FluoroFinder portal link to embed on your website for users to directly access your pre-loaded instrument configurations.

Premium FF Support

Priority access to our support team to modify configurations, add new products, and troubleshoot. 

Academic Plus Features


 Equip your researchers with the tools necessary for optimal experiment design. Our Flow Core Plus package unlocks features not accessible with FluoroFinder’s free version for every researcher that uses your core facility. Recurring panel builder tutorials tailored to your facility will raise awareness and train your flow core researchers how to maximize their FluoroFinder access. 


  • Download comprehensive panel reports
  • Add your inventory
  • Access our auto-antigen density feature
  • Group antigens by cell population
  • Filter products by validation score
  • Upload and access template panels
  • Upload attachments
  • Attend panel design workshops
  • Priority access to our support team
  • Access our upcoming beta features
Reena Chinnaraj

“FluoroFinder is much appreciated by us and our users particularly for simplifying complex experimental designs. The combination of panel design, spectra viewer, analysis software, and dye database makes it the one-stop destination for all that our users need to start their flow experience.”

Featured Core Manager—Reena Chinnaraj

Reena Chinnaraj is the Technical Operations Manager at the KU Leuven Flow and Mass Cytometry core facility. Highest quality teaching and training are very close to her heart, and she recommends the FluoroFinder trainings to her core facility users and beyond. Experimental design and control, and panel design are key when using high-parameter conventional, spectral, or mass cytometric instruments, and FluoroFinder design tools are of essential help for the users of the KU Leuven flow cytometry core.

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