Why FluoroFinder at Your Core Facility?

Top 3 Reasons to Partner with FluoroFinder

1Time and Cost Savings

  • Save scientists multiple days a year across hundreds of scientists
  • Potential to demonstrate to your institution how you are using technology to drive efficiencies
  • Aggregated across your community of scientists

2Reduce Errors

  • Errors cost a scientists thousands of dollars
  • Setbacks of weeks and even months
  • Extra Time to re-run experiments
  • Additional cost to the experiment
  • Loss of precious samples

3Complete Service for Core Managers

  • Set up is easy.
  • FluoroFinder works with you to get your cytometers and configurations implemented
  • Providing data on efficiencies created for your core – ex. time savings for core staff, time savings and reduced mistakes for institution scientists
  • Enabling communication with your institution and scientists

Have the panel builder tool set up in your core lab!

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