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WinList9v2WinList continues to raise the bar for data analysis with a great new interface, t-SNE clustering, ‘magic contour’ and ‘sticky’ regions, fabulous 3D graphics, and validated accuracy.

Creating an analysis workspace has never been easier. The new ribbon bar brings all the tools you need into easy reach, saving you clicks and precious time. Select groups of 2-parameter histograms with a single click. Change histogram parameters directly using the parameter label drop-down list on the histogram. Region selection tools and gating options are right on the new histogram toolbar. Multiple analysis pages on each data source and multiple report pages give you virtually unlimited analysis display and reporting flexibility.

Newest Features


  • Compliance Mode assists labs with regulatory requirements by specifying permissions for each authorized WinList user.
  • Logging has been enhanced to provide better support information for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.
  • Perform cyclical redundancy checks (CRC) on all FCS files to verify that the file was read correctly. CRC values can be used support regulatory documentation requirements.


  • Significant improvements in auto gating. Regions can now position themselves based on the mean, median, or mode of the data beneath them, or of the data in the histogram.
  • Parameter statistics can be computed on gates using the Gate Statistics dialog. Select the parameters and statistics that you want to compute and the program will add them to the Gate Stats display.
  • “Highlight-this-region” is a new coloring mode that allows you to see where the events for a given region are in all other dot plots. The events can be enhanced with increased size and blinking, making it easy to find those small populations even in noisy plots.
  • FCOM is a powerful function to present and quantify phenotyping results for multi-parameter data. FCOM is a calculated parameter in WinList that analyzes any number of phenotypes defined by any number of gates.

Platform Details

  • Free 30-day Trial and WinList Reader allows you to share your analysis with anyone
  • Multi-page reports that update automatically and produce PDF output
  • Overlays for 1P and 2P plots – beautiful graphics that can be static or update automatically
  • Auto-zoom on parameters to highlight the areas of interest
  • N-Color Compensation™ – the first, and still the best
  • Direct integration with Verity’s stand-alone V-Comp app for hands-off automated N-Color Compensation.
  • Network licensing options and the best pricing in the business
  • WinList includes OpenGL 3D to provide enhanced graphics options for 2P and 3P histograms
  • t-SNE clustering for finding hidden relationships in your data
  • Batch processing, full automatic databasing for multi-color, high-throughput analysis.
  • Create additional parameters and parameter ratios using a comprehensive list of algebraic functions
  • User-defined keywords and equations allow you to create additional analysis results based on user input, regions, and other keywords
  • Quantitative calibration system for MESF or ABC standardization
  • N-Stat regions and region arrays
  • Export listmode and histogram data to FCS or text for use in other programs
  • Link to ModFit LT and Microsoft Excel to extend analysis power
  • Macro recording and editing system
  • Archive your analysis with protocol bundles – a complete zip-compatible record