intellicytDesigned from a screening perspective, ForeCyt Software provides plate level annotation, analytics, and results visualization tools not found in traditional flow-based analysis software packages. From linking well data together to combining multiple assay outcomes together to identify “hits”, the time saving features help you get data insights that drive discovery.

ForeCyt software provides the flexibility to set up sample acquisition, probe rinsing, and sampler cleaning any way you want, plate after plate. Once your analysis is created and optimized, it can be turned into a template that can be applied to any number of plates, providing “on-the-fly” analysis and result generation as your plates are processed.

Platform Details

Ideal for: Multi-plate analysis with well graphs

System Compatibility: Windows

Notable features: Intuitive, “six task” assay building environment. Annotate and analyze across an entire plate. Set up plate level analytics like IC/EC50 curves; standard curves are automatically generated.