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flowlogicThe Flowlogic™ Software makes a fast and accurate analysis of big data possible. The integrated statistical analysis and the advanced layout options for publication make secondary software packages unnecessary. Simply adjust your gating strategy and the software performs the analysis within seconds. The Flowlogic Software provides state of the art features such as batch analysis, flexible gating, offline auto compensation, overlays, and many more. It is designed to work seamlessly in all JAVA-supported operating systems such as Windows®, Mac OS®X, and Linux®.

Platform Details

System Compatibility: Windows

Recommended for: 

  • Intuitive analysis
  • Quick & easy big data screening
  • Precise statistics and reporting

Noteable Features:

  • Gatelogic™ – A broad portfolio of gating options such as automatic, quadrant, spider or boolean gating and keep track of your populations through backgating and coloring.
  • Platelogic™ – High-speed comparative analysis via heat maps, outlier plot identification, and innovative preview tools.
  • Graphlogic™ – Generate publication-ready graphs linked to your live analysis without having to leave your analysis program.
    Doclogic™ – An unrivaled collection of annotation tools and advanced printing and publishing options.