BD Biosciences

arrayThe BD FACSArray™ bioanalyzer is for fast and sensitive high-content measurements of cells and proteins in cell biology, immunology, and proteomics. This compact flow cytometer rapidly detects and quantifies concentrations of secreted proteins, proteins in cell lysates, and cell-associated proteins using small sample volumes directly from a 96-well microtiter plate through multiplexed BD™ Cytometric Bead Arrays (CBAs). Furthermore, it supports your search for answers in cellular analysis of apoptosis, cytokine and chemokine profiling, and phosphorylation of key signal transduction proteins. The bioanalyzer can also be used to assess hybridomas, cell viability, proliferation, and immunotoxicology.

Platform Details

FACSymphony is highly customizable

Lasers:  2 (green 532 & red 635)
Channels: Up to 6 (four fluorescence and two scatter)

Footprint: 25.3″ x 22.1″ x 19.6″
Weight: 85 lbs.