Bay Biosciences

jsan2The JSAN desktop cell sorter has evolved since its introduction, resulting in significantly improved performance, reliability and user-friendly operation.

As a sorter that is as simple to use as an analyzer, the improved JSAN facilitates sorting of target cells with excellent purity and high recovery.

By providing simplified operation, high performance, and very high speed data acquisition, this reliable platform has become the flowcytomer of choice for labs with the need for both excellent analytical and sorting capabilities. In keeping with the advances in the field, JSAN customers may now choose lasers with emission wavelengths ranging from the UV to the deep red regions of the spectrum. Available options such as the CloneMate* address the need for sorting single or multiple cells into microtiter plates.

Platform Details

Lasers: Up to 4 (using 3 simultaneously)
488 & 838 standard, with 2 optional lasers (375, 405, 534 or 561) aligned collinearly
Colors: Up to 8

Footprint: 70” x 31.5”