EMD Millipore


The FlowSight® Imaging Flow Cytometer stands apart from other flow cytometers by producing up to 12 images of each and every cell. The unique image collection system simultaneously produces darkfield (side scatter), brightfield, and up to 10 fluorescence images. The FlowSight® Imaging Flow Cytometer operates at ~20X magnification allowing visualization of fluorescence from the membrane, cytoplasm, or nucleus. Identifying cell conjugates or distinguishing single cells from doublets and debris is effortless. Flow cytometry has never been so intuitive.

Platform Details

Lasers: Up to 4 (488 blue, 405 violet, 561 green, 642  red)
Magnification: 20x 
Channels: 12

Footprint: 36” x 24” x 26”
Weight: 300 lb