COPAS Flow Pilot™

Union Biometrica


The COPAS FP platform is designed for the measurement of objects ranging in size from 20–1500 microns (diameter). Each of the four COPAS FP models features a fixed, specially engineered fluidic path, flow cell and optics optimized for a specific subset of that size range to provide maximum speed, accuracy, resolution and throughput, depending on the application. Instruments can dispense objects either into bulk receptacles or multiwell plates.

A 488 nm solid state laser is used to measure both the size and optical density of the objects, as well as for fluorescence excitation. Each COPAS FP system can be equipped with up to three lasers.

The real-time analysis of these measured parameters is used to make sort decisions and only those objects meeting the user-selected sort criteria are gently dispensed into multiwell plates or stationary receptacles. Those objects not meeting the sort criteria are diverted by a puff of air to a sample recovery container, where they may be recaptured, unharmed and still viable.

Platform Details

Available in 4 models, optimized for sample sizes:
FP-250 (250 µm)
FP-500 (500 µm)
FP-1000 (1000 µm)
FP-2000 (2000 µm)

Lasers:  Up to 3 (Blue 488, plus 2 optional – choose from 375, 405, 445, 561, 640 & 660)

Footprint: 29″ x 24″ x 24″
Weight: 100 lbs.