Experiment Design Review

Seeking some expert guidance on a single project or experiment? Let FluoroFinder’s group of Flow Cytometry and Microscopy pros optimize your experiment. This service pays for itself by eliminating costly errors, saving time and money on wasted reagents and samples.

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  • Expert experiment design troubleshooting
  • Recommendations for alternative reagents for optimal results


Need help optimizing a panel for your preferred cytometer? Seeking a preferred supplier or the best prices available? Let FluoroFinder do the leg work with our Panel Concierge service.

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  • Experienced immunofluorescence researchers who understand optimization
  • Save on reagent costs. FluoroFinder will optimize your panels with the least expensive or best value reagents.
  • Reduce your spectral spill-over. Our experts can suggest alternative panel designs for minimal spectral overlap.


Receive personalized training on how to harness FluoroFinder’s technology. Private webinar sessions are customized to your lab’s research and serve as a great educational tool for researchers of all levels to streamline the experiment design process.

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  • Become a master architect in flow cytometry and microscopy experiment design
  • New users can learn the basics of experiment planning with FluoroFinder
  • Experienced users can learn how to get more out of their experiments with our advanced features

Cytometer Purchase Consulting

Planning on purchasing a cytometer, but unsure which option best suits your lab’s needs? Would it be better to wait six months until the next model is released? Get unbiased advice from our experts and be sure to get the machine that is right for you.

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  • Experienced researchers will understand your research requirements
  • Industry experts know trends and best practices for equipment selections
  • Comprehensive reports to easily compare the best cytometer options for your lab

Upload and Storage

Have FluoroFinder digitize your past experiments for easy reference or to optimize your experiment at any time. Send us your experiment details in any format and we will create a digital copy for you.

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  • Create a permanent digital record of all your experiments
  • Stored panels are accessible from any internet connected device
  • Return to edit, annotate or share an experiment at any time

Custom Services

Do you require any other immunofluorescence or chemiluminescent related consulting? Contract our experts at a flat hourly rate or on a per-project basis.

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