MACSQuant VYB Flow Cytometer

Miltenyi Biotec


On top of the performance, automation, compactness and convenience associated with the MACSQuant® Family of flow cytometers, the MACSQuant VYB comes with a uniquely configured optical bench, featuring violet, yellow, and blue lasers. It is a perfect match for labs utilizing fluorescent protein reporters or for labs that want to simply use PE and FITC conjugates.

Platform Details

Lasers: 405 nm (violet), 488 nm (blue), 561 nm (yellow-green)
Detectors:  FSC, SSC, 8 fluorescence channels
Colors: 8

Footprint: Width 605×400 mm (23.8×15.7″); Height 393–520 mm (15.4×20.4″)
Weight: 110 lbs