FACS Canto™ II

BD Biosciences

facs_canto II

The BD FACSCanto™ II system features many innovations. At the heart of the cytometer, for example, the fluidics system features a fixed-alignment flow cell to minimize startup time and improve reproducibility. The BD FACSCanto II fluidics system is designed to streamline work, save time, and improve performance. In the fluidics system, the sample travels up the sample injection tube, and hydrodynamic focusing within the flow cell forces particles into a single-file stream where laser light intercepts the stream at the sample interrogation point. The unique flow cell design permits particles to flow through the center of the flow cell. Increasing the sample pressure increases the core diameter and the flow rate.

Platform Details

Lasers: Available in 2 (Blue 488, Red 633) and 3 (add Violet 405)
Detectors:  Up to 10 parameters
Colors: Available in 6 and 8 color options

Footprint: 24” x 36” x 25”